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Why Donate?

Tom and Sheri Kelly
Tom and Sheri Kelly

We have lived in Haverford Township since 1989. Since the addition of live festivals, park concerts and other music and arts events, we have witnessed a transformation. Haverford Township has become more desirable which helps all of us. We see the Kelly Center as a vehicle that will not only help budding young artists express themselves, it will add another reason to become part of this community.

Susan and Paul Kelly
Paul and Susan Kelly

to help build a stronger sense of community in a wonderful gathering place for a great cause

Nicole and Todd Bruno

Nicole and Todd Bruno

Music is a fabulous shared community experience and has played a huge part in our lives over the years. We were motivated to donate because of your enthusiasm for improving the lives of others through music accessibility. The Kelly Center will be an amazing addition to our community and we’re so happy to contribute to its development.

Erica Ezold
Erica Ezold Family

As an arts professional and mom to two young boys I am extremely excited that you are building this center in Havertown. I am a firm believer in the power of art to build community and I can’t wait for my family to participate in everything the Kelly Center has to offer.

Jim Wurster

The Wursters

“I donate to causes that resonant with me. Music and community are causes that go hand in hand. Music touches each one of us differently. Our daughter who has autism gets a lot of pleasure from music. It reaches her in ways that we don’t understand. We just know that it makes her smile and be happy. This is why we try to include music in New Avenue Foundation programs like Our Community Cup. People with disabilities, no matter if they are blind or deaf or severely autistic or non-verbal, music brings smiles to their faces.”

Adrian Hickman

The music of Havertown and the music of Philly has saved my life in my cancer battle, renewing my love of life and so many friends because of it.

Erika Bar-David
Erika Bar-David

“As a musician, I find any opportunity like this is so important especially in today’s world. My father and I have worked with his non profit organization outside his work with the Philadelphia Orchestra to use music to bring people together. He has organized events focused on multicultural events that bring people of all different race, religion, cultures together. For him this began after 9/11 had occurred, and there was so much mistrust in the world we knew. Life changed for us after that, and hatred, resentment and others came to the forefront, which has only unfortunately progressed as time has passed especially recently. For me, my connections are among the Pacific rim, with Japan and places like Hawaii where not only am I half Japanese myself, but I find others like us. I came across native Hawaiian people, who I discovered understood us especially after having discovered my great grandfather was in the internment camps after the war for 6 months. It was after this, I began to think musically how can I approach these people, but the work my dad has done has been in the back of my mind after that, and I began developing a network of especially native Hawaiian musicians. There is that understanding of what our people have gone through in this country that has created that bond between us. Much like myself they share a big passion for music in Hawaii and that was how I discovered people like Jake Shimabukuro, who I just had another opportunity to see live two days ago! Again it was through music that I discovered people like him. He too, feels that music is a healing power, and having taken a class on the psychology of music, he also states that music communicates the purest form of emotion, and that is what we are trying to accomplish. I feel places like the Kelly Center could further that goal.”

Alison Hicks Greifenstein
Alison Hicks

I donated to the Kelly Center because I think it will be a unique addition to our Township and for our children, teens, adults and seniors. The Center supports the terrific choral and instrumental programs in our School District that produce a number of young musicians looking for additional performance opportunities and venues. As a writer, and I support the Center as a natural venue for young people who write to read and perform their work and for young visual artists to exhibit their creations.

New Avenue Foundation

New Avenue Foundation and the Baldwin B-Flats

All of the Kelly Music For Life events are so awesome in spreading music in and around the community and beyond. The music festivals and concerts in the park have provided a place for families to attend. Listening to great live music is helping to build the community. Our organization also uses music in the events and programs we run for families and caregivers of people with disabilities. We know the power of music and how it touches each one of us differently. We are helping make the music center a reality in whatever way we can. It will truly be a place for everyone!

Alex & Jaclyn Kranjec – The Mill Church

Alex & Jaclyn Kranjec

Music and the arts have a way of speaking to our hearts like nothing else can. It moves us, shapes us, and inspires change where education, dialogue, and political action often come up short. In a world that is constantly on the move and constantly plugged in to technology and the challenges of life, music offers us a moment to breathe and reflect. Now, more than ever, we need those opportunities to slow down together and process life. We as a church and as a family share with your vision of bringing people together through music and believe the Kelly Center will be a place to process, reflect, and grow through life! Music shaped us at an early age, and we are excited about the opportunity the Kelly Center will provide children and young people in our community, including our two girls (ages 2 and 5). The Kranjec’s and The Mill Church are honored to stand with you!

Joe Saunders

I donated to the Kelly Center because of the knowledge of and love for music that Tom demonstrates each day. Additionally, this area needs a place for young talent to show itself through performances.

Dennis Selfridge
Dennis Selfridge

You and your group have brought some really terrific events to Havertown. When I saw what you were doing in Oakmont, I wanted to get involved. When the opportunity to create my own page was presented, it started my wheels turning as to how I could pursue a little dream of my own and help a good cause at the same time. My daughter was telling me how excited her friends from the HHS radio station were to have a “real venue” for hosting coffee houses and young performers. Having a place that allows a performer to take stage in a concert setting once in a while is an awesome experience for both the artist and their fans. I remember way back in the old days how much I’d look forward to the occasional Cabaret Gig. The past few years I’ve played the Haverford Music Festival and the “Keg at the Grange” benefit and realized that a year round small theater for the arts would be a great addition to our community. I decided to promise to match every donation friends of mine made through my page to reach that $1500 number. Right now we will be sitting at $1100 (once I match the latest $150). My plan is to secure a future date at the Kelly Center, put together a 2 hour show (that we will record) and volunteer to help promote the Kelly Center to the best of my ability. I’ll look forward to watching this project come to fruition!

Michael Tearson
Michael Tearson

Why? Easy. I support the Kelly efforts.

Barron Chandler
Barron Chandler

I know and love the gift of music. It enriches and lasts a lifetime.  Also, studies have shown a child who plays an instrument most often does well in many other aspects of life including school.  Keep up the excellent work!

Our Community Cup Coffeehouse
at our coffeehouse 20171117

Our Community Cup Coffeehouse has found that our PAY WHAT YOU CAN venue is a place for everyone, especially caregivers and families of individuals with disabilities, all disabilities. Every week it warms my heart to see the smiles on the faces in our audience, to see them sing along and dance. Our family includes individuals who are blind or visually challenged, those who are deaf, those in wheelchairs, and those with different abilities. Our community has also expanded to include seniors who are looking for something to do and also those who don’t have much. Everyone is welcome, especially those who cannot afford to donate anything. We are meeting a community need and we know that the Kelly Center will provide this and more for the community.

John and Elise Dunne

“I believe music, art and literature enrich your life, no matter which direction your career takes.”

Chelle Prunkel

“Thank you for reaching out and an even bigger thanks for building the Kelly Center for Music, Arts, and Community. I chose to donate for a number of reasons. The main one being I feel that music and arts are an under valued part of life and learning. The schools have reduced the focus on these studies that help create a more rounded individual. Not to mention a freedom of true expression an release that does not promote hate or separation. Music and Arts of all mediums bring people together while promoting joy and inclusion. I have a 7yr old daughter who loves music, painting, drawing, creating in general whenever possible. The need for after Middle School Programs is sorely lacking in the Haverford School District if a child is not sports oriented or gifted. I feel a space for everyone to show off their talents and more importantly grow as artists is incredibly important. If there is any other way I can help, please let me know. I have forwarded the information about this to a couple of contacts and on my social media outlets to help get the word out. If you need volunteers, please consider me a willing set of hands.”

Steve and Agnes Talarico

Both of us grew up in Havertown and have raised our own children here. It’s wonderful to see our community continue to grow and add new businesses to bring in visitors from other towns. Havertown has become very diversified in what they have to offer and it’s great to see our hometown add yet another dimension to our neighborhood. Good luck in this ambitious endeavor!

Nicole MacLean

“my mom has Alzheimers and I have found that music from the 50’s & 60’s can be calming to her. It?s like music therapy. On top of that, I love music! And I love the Kelly’s.”

Bob Caprara

You are an old friend with a good idea that I would love to see implemented successfully. Good luck!

Dawn Griffin

“I donated because I’m an artist and a supporter of other artists, and the impact music and art have when threaded throughout a community, cannot be overstated.”

Timothy Johansen

“I donated to The Kelly Center because it’s an investment in my community and our culture. The arts seem to be valued less and less by other entities, but Kelly Music for Life understands the transformative power the arts can have on a community. This center will make Havertown an musical oasis in the Greater Philadelphia Area.”

Michael DeRosa

“Both music and art have always been a passion of mine since I was young. I’ve studied both throughout my academic career. My wife and I have a young daughter and I am beyond thrilled that she will have a place, in her community, where she can experience art and music and hopefully develop the same love and respect for each as I have. “

Marisa and Seth Samuel

We made a donation because we know music and art has the power to bring a community together.

Joel Perlish

I donated because the proposed venture will elevate the quality of life in Havertown.

Joe Mariano

I’m proud to support the Kelly Center and look forward to seeing the new music and arts venue come to life this fall. My donation to the Kelly Center helps to create a facility that will benefit my grandkids and be another great destination for the residents of Haverford Twp.

Christine Faris

“Community, and places where people gather together, have become very important to me. Combine that with cultural events through music and the arts with the Kelly Music Center and you have another wonderful addition to Haverford Township. I am delighted to help make that happen with my donation. Please join me with your own donation to make this venture a reality!”

John Byrne

This kind of community facility is vital for the development of our present and future artists/musicians!

Patricia O’Donnell

I donated because I love the idea of having a live music venue in our town. We are so fortunate to have the Kelly Family bring us yet another musical gift!

Rich Buxton

What you and Kelly Music for Life have done for the community is just amazing. I was at the Jazz Night at HHS in March and they received a supporting check from Kelly Music. I know a trumpet player in the Jazz Ensemble and was there to both support him and hear great music. This young man has also played baseball for me. And what I know about neurology and the benefits to the brain from playing an instrument, listening to music, singing, etc. just makes me want to sing, play, and dance. You are making it happen. And right here in Havertown. We are lucky to have you. That’s why I wanted to donate.